You have ideas, you have designs and you have information. When it comes to contriving a
layout, everything turns muddled. COMDETEC partners with you to create your wolrd of imagination
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Our web solutions team specialises in professional yet affordable website solutions for small and emerging businesses.


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Welcome to Comdetec (Web Design Company Australia)

You have ideas, you have designs and you have information as well. But when it comes to contriving a layout, everything goes senile.

A website is the face of your company in the virtual world. The success of e-commerce for any company, especially if it is not a well-known name, is greatly dependent on the appropriate design of its Website. A well-designed and well-developed website is a key to the first step of client procurement through generating client interest. The perceived value of your website is a priority when it comes to getting your website designed. A critical concern and the major objective for a company is to ensure that the messaging, content and the designing of the website seamlessly synchronizes with the key mission, values and the projected image of your organisation.

A website is not just a platform to your search engine optimization, but also the medium through which you directly communicate with the audiences at a much greater platform crossing borders and cultures. Hence, you have a greater degree of responsibility to ensure and keep in mind that the right information in the right manner goes to the right set of audiences.

It is imperative to involve a specialized set of people to create a masterpiece for your business. As much as you are concerned with the revenues of your firm, so much should be the emphasis to make your internet marketing excel in the current market scenario as to ensure that you stand way ahead of your competitors in terms of positioning, creativity, innovation and website designing.

We at COMDETEC, with the right mix of professionals ensure that your message goes across the right set of public in a creative yet uncomplicated and easy to use format and help you to fabricate your ideas and creativity into a solution.

Business content is a major Website issue because the quality of presentation and usefulness of the content determine whether a potential customer will be attracted to, or driven away, from the site.

In the growing world of opportunities, it is not just the designing and content that stands out from the crowd, but also the amalgamation of company's philosophy to reflect from its website or any written or visual content that is out in the public to maintain the positioning of the company.

Professionals can very well give you a fancy design, a set of great content and a great deal to perform these functions which is also not wrong to an extent. A set of advanced professional guidance and support would undoubtedly stand out that offers you not only the services mentioned before, but also the intelligence to portray and consult you with the right messaging desired to be thrown upon your public and engage them on a regular basis and make them look forward to the next set of content from you as a thought leader in your industry. This, is what we offer at COMDETEC.

A spectrum of specialized services offered by COMDETEC are-

1. Basic parameters of designing- The thumb rule of consulting is to get your basics right! There are some basic parameters that are required for a well developed website. Our professionals take immense care of these basic designing functions while creating a masterpiece for you. Appearance, Receptiveness, User friendliness, readability, and navigation efficiency is some of the basics to start with. Sites in PHP, .Net, XML, XTHML, FLASH and various other formats are created at COMDETEC.

2. Content Consultation- While basic designing would be the platter for you wherever you go; we bring to the table a set of professional guidance on hitting the right chord with the right content for your masterpiece- your website.

If you're willing to establish your own business in Australia then here we are to partner with you, one of the best Web Design Company in Australia and we're proudly working with some of the best web designers of Australia to deliver you intelligent yet pocket friendly services with a set of comprehensive solutions for your internet marketing strategy. We deliver all genres of websites and we make sure they don't put a dent to your budget.

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Today's generation is creative with a healthy appetite for risks as compared to previous generations of Indian entrepreneurs. The reasons could be IT and technological advances that has bought businesses and people closer, the media boom that makes information available to all, government policies that encourage enterprise and an embrace of globalization. Besides, newer approaches adopted by educational institutes also broadened the horizons of creative minds .

Mr. Dheeraj Malhotra
Founder & Managing Director

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